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Dear Friend,

We've all heard about blogging.

Bloging for Writers Book

Perhaps you subscribe to a handful of blogs. Maybe you've seen some of the blogs that have really hit the big time. And it's possible that you've thought...

"I can do better than that!"

So - why don't you?

Blogging isn't the complex world that most people would have you believe. In fact, you could start your own basic blog within the next 10 minutes - no technical expertise required.

Blogging is a GREAT way for you to cash in on your writing skills, promote your existing writing work, get your book published - and more.

As a writer, blogging will be easy and natural for you. In fact, you've got an unfair advantage over every other blogger.

So - read on, and learn how to get started!

How Writers Like YOU Can Take Maximum Advantage of
Blogging - And Enjoy Benefits Such as Advertising Revenue, Dozens of New Clients, Publicity for Your Writing & MORE.

Yes. You've heard about blogs.

They're mini-websites that contain individual posts, like articles in a magazine. Over time, you add posts to your blog - slowly building up a full archive of great material. Soon, your visitors grow into subscribers, and you start to gain a real following.

It's a tried and tested technique that has been followed since blogs first came into existence way back in 1997. They're here to stay - and if you don't have one yet, NOW is the time to start.

But it gets better.

Writers (and aspiring writers) have a natural advantage over other bloggers. They find it easy to write. That means they produce better blogs. And these blogs can help to further their writing career:

  • They can earn you big money

    They can earn you big money

    Use advertising on your blog, promote affiliate products, create sponsored posts, receive commercial gifts. Example: Steve Pavlina blogs about his personal growth online at stevepavlina.com, and earns an estimated $660 per day in advertising

  • They can help provide publicity for your work

    They can help you attract new clients

    Use your blog to increase your profile and attract new work. Example: Nick Daws uses his blog to attract a stream of new commercial clients, for his writing and editorial services. Over the past couple of years, he has earned six digits in income from online work alone.

  • They can help you attract new clients

    They can help provide publicity for your work

    Tell the world about your existing writing, to help spread the word and sell more copies! Example: Amanda Hocking promoted her Kindle books with her blog here. She went on to sell thousands of copies, and since bagged a multi-book publishing deal.

  • They can help get bag lucrative publishing deals

    They can help get bag lucrative publishing deals

    Getting a real online presence means you're more likely to get spotted for book or TV publishing deal. Example: Dr Brooke Magnanti blogged about her experiences as a London call girl. She ended up selling the work to a publishing house, which was later turned into a TV series.

Not every blogger is going to get results like this. But right now, if you don't have your own blog, you're not even in with a chance.

So why not take action?

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Meet Nick Daws: Prolific Author of Over 80 Books, and Blogger Since 2005, Shows You Precisely How to Create an Income & Publicity Machine by Setting Up Your Own Blog!

Picture of Nick Daws Nick Daws

Most writers consider blogging but never bother to get started

They think blogs are too technical and complex. They're not sure whether anyone will bother following them. They don't know what to write about. And sometimes they just can't be bothered with the extra hassle.

However, the truth is that it's EASY to setup and run your own blog - and comes with huge upside advantages too.

One man that knows all about the process is master writer, Nick Daws, a full-time writer and blogger of over 6 years (mentioned above).

Nick is a prolific author of over 80 books and courses. He's the founder of the world's largest writing forum, My Writers Circle, and creator of the Freewriting Technique, made famous by his "How to Write Any Book in 28 Days" course.

And since November 2005, Nick has been blogging multiple times per week on his site at www.mywritingblog.com

It's helped him to generate thousands in advertising income each year, rocket his profile as an author, and clinch dozens of exciting new writing contracts and publishing deals. He's also regularly sent complimentary gifts and writing gadgets to play with - in the hope that he'll blog about them on his site.

Best of all, the site only takes Nick around half-an-hour to run each week.

Although he's a great writer, Nick is not special. He's since helped dozens of other authors do exactly the same thing: setup their own blog, promote their work, and then watch success follow.

Now, in , he wants to do exactly the same. For YOU.

New to Blogging? Already Got Your Own Blog?
Learn How to Take Your Writing to the Next Level
-With the Ultimate Blogging Course for Great Writers!

Last month, Nick Daws finally finished polishing his brand new course:

"Blogging for Writers."

That's right. It's a course all about how to get outstanding results, using your own blog - all written specifically with writers like you in mind.

Whether you're a total newbie to the world of blogging, or already have an existing blog that you'd like to take the next level, this course will show you how.

Whether you want to write about writing itself, or online marketing, or your travel adventures, or your dating life, or your favorite recipes, this course will show you how to enjoy brilliant results.

Yes - this 238-page course will show you the precise steps YOU need to take to leverage your writing skills for maximum results as a blogger.

Expect lifestyle changes, greater publicity, more online interaction, an increase in earnings, and more. All for just a small time investment each week.

Whether you want to attract more readers, generate more book sales, or get more clients for your writing and editing services, blogging has the POWER to help you do this. And that also applies if you're hoping to join the ranks of authors whose blogs have been spun-off into best-selling books and movies too.

Even if you simply want to earn a sideline (or even full-time!) income to supplement your regular writing earnings, blogging can help you achieve that too!

Does this all sound like a great match to you?

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Want to learn more about Blogging for Writers?

This powerful course will take you straight from beginner basics through to polished professional, all in eight, easy-to-digest chapters. And you'll be personally guided every step of the way by the master blogger himself, Nick Daws.

Let's look at precisely what you'll uncover inside each chapter:

Chapter 1

  1. • Why blogging is an activity IDEALLY SUITED to writers – and how it aligns PERFECTLY with most writers’ skills and interests.
  2. • Not one, not two, but EIGHT amazing benefits blogging can offer for writers – you’ll be KICKING YOURSELF when you see what you may have been missing out on (but not for very much longer!)
  3. • Three BRILLIANT writer blogs you can visit today for ideas and inspiration – plus details of Nick’s own blog too for good measure!
  4. • The VERY BEST WAY to use a writing blog to help achieve your career goals – to unlock the full power of blogging, it’s CRUCIAL that you understand this!

Chapter 2

  1. • A surprising way of making money from blogging – WITHOUT having a blog of your own!
  2. FIVE great resources for finding out about paid blogging jobs – thousands of paying opportunities are being advertised on these sites RIGHT NOW!
  3. • The two things you MUST HAVE to get work as a paid blogger – and six ways to escape the ‘must-have-experience’ Catch-22 if you’re new to blogging.
  4. TWELVE tips to boost your paid blogging income – go from modestly paid assignments to charging TOP RATES by following this advice!
  5. • The little-known website that lets you post almost anything you like (including photos and videos as well as articles) and receive 100 PERCENT of the advertising revenues generated.
  6. • EIGHT more websites that let you post work online and make money from it – no technical skills or financial outlay required!

Chapter 3

  1. • The many advantages of running your own blog – SEVEN different income streams this can generate for you!
  2. • How to set up your first blog in JUST SEVEN STEPS, using Google’s free blogging platform.
  3. • The SIX leading blogging platforms, and the pros and cons of each where writers are concerned.
  4. • Which blogging platform is great if you’re constantly on the move – and which may be best if you need to communicate with young people.
  5. • The two WordPress platforms and the crucial difference between them – you never knew a three-letter suffix could be so important!
  6. • What graphics you are most likely to need when setting up your blog, and where you can find them.
  7. • Two key principles to follow when selecting a custom header image – and four websites where you can pick one up for FREE!
  8. • Why every blog should have an ‘About Me’ page – and nine things you should strongly consider including in YOURS.
  9. • Three more top tips for creating an About Me page – and three BRILLIANT About Me pages you can plunder for ideas!
  10. • Why your blog MUST have a Contact Me page – and an easy shortcut to creating yours (no coding required!).
  11. • How to install social networking widgets on your blog – to boost the number of times yours post are shared MANY TIMES OVER!
  12. • Search engine optimisation tips to apply when setting up your blog – including three MUST-HAVE SEO plugins for WordPress users!
  13. • Two methods you MUST provide for fans of your blog to receive updates – and the free website that will allow you to offer BOTH of these with just a few clicks!
  14. • Three reasons why you MUST enforce comment moderation on your blog – ignore these at your peril!

Chapter 4

  1. • Three reasons to create a blog about writing – and three reasons you shouldn’t! It’s vital to consider the pros and cons CAREFULLY before going down this route.
  2. • Why you MUST understand what you are trying to achieve with your blog and the sort of readers you hope to attract.
  3. • Seven questions to ask yourself (and answer) before starting a niche money-making blog.
  4. • A simple test to help you decide between two or more potential niche blog topics.
  5. • Five quick tips on blog post style – and a ten-word guideline for judging your IDEAL POST LENGTH.
  6. • Why a mixture of short and longer posts could be ideal for your blog.
  7. • The key principle to apply when deciding how often to post to your blog – along with ideal, and minimum, frequency schedules.
  8. • Why you simply MUST include at least one image in EVERY post – and the one crucial requirement those images must meet.
  9. • Five websites where you can source photos for use on your blog for free, plus three more that will give you access to MILLIONS more for a modest fee.
  10. • How you can source loads more images using Creative Commons Search - and how to set the search parameters to ensure you stay within the law at all times!
  11. • Five more websites where you can obtain FREE, ORIGINAL IMAGES to illustrate your blog posts, including word clouds, gift tags, and many more!
  12. • Three benefits of occasionally going ‘off-topic’ on your blog – with three examples from Nick’s own blog!
  13. • How (and when) to apply search engine optimisation in your blog posts – and the key underlying principle of SEO to bear in mind at all times.
  14. • Five simple SEO guidelines you can apply when creating your blog posts and post titles – applying these guidelines should boost your search-engine traffic MANY TIMES OVER.
  15. • How to optimise every image on your blog for the search engines – sample code provided!
  16. • One more SEO tactic you should apply with your blog posts after you have published them – and three free websites that make doing this QUICK AND DEAD EASY!
  17. • Nick’s Top Ten Tips (plus one!) for coming up with an idea for your next blog post – never be stuck for something to write about again!
  18. • The little-known blogging method that could generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for you. Almost anyone can do this, unless maybe they live in the middle of a desert!
  19. • FOUR advantages of running a joint or collaborative blog, and THREE potential drawbacks to weigh up.
  20. • The ideal way to approach collaborative blogging, and the one thing you MUST do before going down this path.

Chapter 5

  1. • The one key thing you really MUST do if you hope to get a book deal from your blog.
  2. • Six real-life examples of blogs that became best-selling books – YOURS could be the next!
  3. • How self-publishing sensation Amanda Hocking used blogging as a springboard to success. She now sells OVER 100,000 copies of her supernatural romance novels each month!
  4. • Ten top tips for getting a publisher interested in your blog – this information alone is worth more than the price of Blogging for Writers!
  5. • How long you should wait before you start marketing your blog to book publishers – and the one very important exception to this rule.
  6. • Three great options for self-publishing your blog as a printed book – use these if a publisher doesn’t bite, or if you just prefer to go it alone (and possibly make A LOT MORE MONEY!).
  7. • Three more great online services that will help you turn your blog into a book and SELL it as well!

Chapter 6

  1. • Three reasons why you SHOULDN’T try to monetize your blog immediately – and the RIGHT time to monetize (a practical, actionable rule).
  2. • The BEST way to start monetizing your blog, and how to give yourself the best chance of acceptance by the network concerned. Plus three other advertising networks you can use as alternatives to this, or in addition to it!
  3. • How to use affiliate marketing to give your blogging income a massive boost – including top tips from Nick on how he makes BIG MONEY by promoting affiliate offers on his own blog!
  4. • How YOU can join the Self Development affiliate program today, and earn regular commissions promoting their software and courses – including this one!
  5. • Why you should sign up as a ClickBank affiliate – and three top tips for choosing the very best ClickBank offers to promote!
  6. • Seven great reasons to join Amazon Associates – and one more thing you MUST do if you are a published author on Amazon!
  7. • Six more affiliate networks you should consider joining, promoting everything from health and medical products to motor insurance – at eye-watering commission rates of up to 80 percent!
  8. • Seven websites that will PAY YOU for writing articles on your own blog, or sometimes just including a link to a website. Online money-making really doesn’t come any easier than this!
  9. • Seven ‘insider tips’ for selling advertising directly on your blog – cut out the middle-man and keep all those advertiser fees for yourself!
  10. • Four great free and low-cost resources you can use to make selling advertising on your blog A CINCH!
  11. • The many benefits of getting a sponsorship deal for your blog – and five essential tips to ensure that this works to your benefit as well as your sponsor’s!
  12. • A ‘left field’ idea for monetizing your blog: how to score anything from a laptop case to a luxury vacation – FREE, through the amazing power of blogging!

Chapter 7

  1. • Why attracting as many readers as possible to your blog is CRUCIAL – especially when you are starting out.
  2. • Three big benefits of commenting on other people’s blog posts for attracting extra visitors to your own.
  3. • A little-known FREE TOOL you can use to discover ‘dofollow’, CommentLuv and TopCommenter blogs – the best blogs of all for generating backlinks to your blog!
  4. • Seven more top tips for getting the most from blog commenting, plus three more ideas for building on your success. Even if you do nothing else, by applying this advice you should see your blog traffic rising steeply (and maybe even SPECTACULARLY!).
  5. • Why guest blogging should be a key component of your blog promotion strategy – both WRITING guest posts and PUBLISHING them!
  6. • Six tips for making the most of guest posters on your blog – plus a set of Guest Post Guidelines you can copy or adapt if you wish.
  7. • Seven more tips on accepting and using guest posts, based on Nick’s own experience – plus an invaluable free resource for quickly resolving any guest post formatting problems.
  8. • Seven tips for getting the most from guesting on other people’s blogs – and why you must expect your guest post proposals to be turned down occasionally!
  9. • Two invaluable – and FREE – resources for anyone planning to include guest blogging in their blog promotion strategy. You simply MUST sign up for both of these!
  10. • How you can use article writing to give a further boost to your blog traffic – and the five article directories that should be at the very top of your submissions list.
  11. • The surprising truth about publishing old blog posts on article sites – and one thing you MUST DO before using this tactic (or face rejection and possible banning).
  12. • Six reasons you may want to consider using paid advertising to kick-start your blog – and the very best method for doing this.
  13. • Seven tips for getting the best value for money from paid advertising.
  14. • How the amazing power of social networking can boost your blog into the big time.
  15. • Two Facebook applications you can use to put your blog promotion on automatic – essential knowledge!
  16. • How to use the viral power of Twitter to generate hundreds or even thousands of visitors to every blog post you make.
  17. • Why every blogger MUST have a presence on Google Plus. CLUE: It’s to do with the link between Google Plus and the Google search engine!
  18. • How researching an article on washing machines led Nick to an amazing discovery about the value of answering questions!
  19. • Four Q&A websites that can bring LASER-TARGETED TRAFFIC to your blog, now and in future!
  20. • How to set up an RSS feed on the leading Q&A website, so that any new questions on your specialist topic are delivered to you instantly. You can then answer them, and enjoy the traffic and ‘link juice’ this generates!
  21. • Seven tips for making the most of blog carnivals – plus one website you should register with TODAY to keep tabs on all the latest carnivals.
  22. • How to use online forums to promote your blog – without annoying other members or getting yourself banned!
  23. • The best place to promote your blog in your forum posts, and one huge advantage of promoting your blog in this way.
  24. • Seven more incredibly powerful promotional methods – none of these is time-consuming, but they all have the potential to multiply your blog’s visitor numbers many times over.
  25. • How to combine the methods set out in the chapter in your own personal blog promotion strategy – and the ULTIMATE SECRET OF SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING that you MUST bear in mind at all times!

Chapter 8

  1. • Nick’s TOP TEN TIPS for maintaining your enthusiasm after the initial excitement of launching your blog has worn off (IF it ever does!).
  2. • Ten good reasons for running multiple blogs – and three reasons why perhaps you shouldn’t! Weight up the pros and cons carefully with Nick’s advice here, and then decide.
  3. SEVEN essential tips for running multiple blogs successfully, if you decide to pursue this powerful strategy.
  4. • Three techniques you can use to take your blogging to the next level – and give your traffic, sales and personal branding A QUANTUM BOOST!
  5. • How to harness the power of newsletters – with great free and low-cost resources you can use to make creating and sending your newsletter as easy as falling off a (b)log!
  6. • Five websites you can use to create a forum to accompany your blog – and SEVEN TOP TIPS for getting the very most from this!
  7. • How writing free reports can give your blog traffic a massive boost – and six free websites where you can publish them!
  8. • How you can make a SUBSTANTIAL LUMP SUM selling your blog when the time comes – and the best blogging platform to use if you ever plan to do this.
  9. • The two main ways to sell a blog – and the best option to use for selling a blog, if at all possible.
  10. EIGHT top tips for selling your blog on online auction sites – read all these carefully BEFORE you put your blog on the market!
  11. • How you can make BIG BUCKS buying and selling blogs – and two GREAT blog buying opportunities writers should especially look out for. The sky really is the limit here!
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Price: $37. Approximately £25 or 29 Euros.
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